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Full Analysis: Yageo Corp. 2023/03/22
Research Update: Taiwan Water Corp. Ratings Affirmed At 'twAAA/twA-1+'; Outlook Stable 2023/03/21
Full Analysis: TECO Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd. 2023/03/21
Bulletin: Taiwan Power's Capital Structure Will Deteriorate Further 2023/03/20
Full Analysis: FSITC Taiwan Money Market Fund (formerly: NITC Taiwan Bond Fund) 2023/03/20
Full Analysis: FSITC Money Market Fund(formerly: NITC Bond Fund) 2023/03/20
Research Update: Chailease Finance Co. Ltd. And Fina Finance & Trading Ratings Affirmed At 'twA+/twA-1'; Outlook Stable 2023/03/17
Full Analysis: Mercuries Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 2023/03/17
Bulletin: Fubon Insurance's Pandemic Losses Call For Timely Group Support 2023/03/17
Research Update: GlobalWafers Co. Ltd. Ratings Affirmed At 'twAA-/twA-1+'; Outlook Stable 2023/03/16
Research Update: FSITC Taiwan Money Market Fund Rating Affirmed At 'twAAf' 2023/03/16
Research Update: FSITC Money Market Fund Rating Affirmed At 'twAA+f' 2023/03/16
Bulletin: China Airlines' Credit Metrics To Recover More Quickly On Strong Passenger Demand 2023/03/14
Full Analysis: Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd. 2023/03/10
Bulletin: Acquisition Of Far EasTone Shares Could Slightly Weaken Asia Cement's Capital Structure 2023/03/09

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General Criteria | Request for Comment: National And Regional Scale Credit Ratings Methodology 2023/02/15
Criteria | Insurance | General: Request For Comment: Insurer Risk-Based Capital Adequacy--Methodology And Assumptions 2021/12/06
Criteria | Insurance | General: Advance Notice Of Proposed Criteria Change: Methodology And Assumptions For Analyzing Insurer Capital Adequacy 2021/10/06
Request for Comment: Request For Comment: Financial Institutions Rating Methodology 2021/06/09
Request for Comment: Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment Methodology And Assumptions 2021/06/09
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Hiring : Senior Research Assistant (Corporate Ratings) 2023/02/15
Registration for the 2023/04/20 「Credit & Risk Training -Application of the ESG Credit Indicator」 currently underway. Sign up now! Please contact Jenny Wu for details: (02)2175-6873 2023/01/16
Registration for the 2023/05/18 「Credit & Risk Training -Corporate Credit Risk Analysis (Intermediate)」 currently underway. Sign up now! Please contact Jenny Wu for details: (02)2175-6873 2023/01/12

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