*Taiwan Ratings maintains continuous surveillance over its ratings and the “Rating date” below refers to the last date on which the ratings/outlook have been changed or the ratings on/off CreditWatch.
*Unless there is a material change in our rating views on a given entity, Taiwan Ratings does not update the “Rating date,” which is accordance with the general international practice for rating disclosures.
Issuer Amount
Issue Date Maturity Date
Coupon Rate(%) Rating Remark
The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd. (103-1-/B) 5,100 2014/3/25 2024/3/25 1.85 twA+ 
China Steel Corp. (102-1-/C) 3,600 2013/7/12 2028/7/12 1.88 twAA- 
China Development Financial Holding Corp. (109--2/A) 1,500 2020/11/30 2030/11/30 1.25 twA 
Yuanta Commercial Bank (103-1/B) 4,700 2014/9/4 2024/9/4 2 twA+ 
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. (111-4-/ ) 5,000 2022/9/15 2029/9/15 1.9 twAA- 
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. (111-2-/ ) 2,000 2022/6/28 2029/6/28 2.00 twAA- 
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. (106-2-/) 3,000 2017/9/22 2024/9/22 1.33 twAA- 
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. (103--2/) 3,700 2014/9/25 2024/9/25 1.98 twAA- 
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. (103--1/B) 4,500 2014/5/15 2024/5/15 1.85 twAA- 
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. (111-3-/ ) 2,300 2022/6/28 3.00 twA 
*TRC does not perform an audit and undertakes no duty of due diligence or independent verification of any information it receives. TRC cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information relied on in connection with a rating or the results obtained from the use of such information
*TRC credit rating symbols are accompanied by a 'tw' prefix to denote Taiwan. The rating scale highlights the relative creditworthiness of obligors and obligations in Taiwan, and focus on a comparative analysis of Taiwan's active obligors.
* Issue amount is primarily represented in New Taiwan Dollars. For issues in any other currency, a note indicating the currency type will be added in the remark column of that particular issue.
*TBD:Yet to be listed on Taipei Exchange.
*TRC provides customized “Ratings Export Service”—an up-to-date ratings data feed to its data user. We will generate the data feed upon completion of any rating actions, and will send out the data to the user's server on an intra-day basis. For details of the service, please contact Ms. Jenny Wu at: (886)2 2175-6873.

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