JPMorgan (Taiwan) First Money Market Fund ( formerly: JF (Taiwan) First Money Market Fund )
Current Rating
Rating twAAAf
Credit Watch --
Rating Date Rating Credit Watch
2017/10/23 twAAAf --
2017/07/27 twAA+f CW-Pos
2007/03/29 twAA+f --
2005/10/11 twAAf --
2004/10/26 twAA-f --
2001/07/11 twAA-f

*Taiwan Ratings maintains continuous surveillance over its ratings and the “Rating date” below refers to the last date on which the ratings/outlook have been changed or the ratings on/off CreditWatch.
*Unless there is a material change in our rating views on a given entity, Taiwan Ratings does not update the “Rating date,” which is accordance with the general international practice for rating disclosures.