Asia Cup & New Southbound Articles

TRC is expanding this dedicated section to include research on the “New Southbound Policy” promoted by the Taiwan government. The additional articles will include commentaries regarding the 10 ASEAN nations, 6 South Asian nations as well as New Zealand and Australia. Our research will also encompass analyses of various industrial sectors in China--the single largest economy in Asia. The challenge to identify new risks due to insufficient information and geographic remoteness poses the greatest threat for businesses and financial institutions as they venture into the ASEAN and South Asian markets. By providing the most up-to-date sovereign rating reports, banking and insurance industry country risk analyses, and economic forecasts, TRC hopes to facilitate businesses and financial institutions in their southbound endeavors so as to win this battle fought thousands of miles away.

Subject Date
Sector Review: Philippine Banks To Continue To Ride Robust Economic Growth 2017/09/21
The Smartphone Dilemma For Southeast Asian Telcos: Invest More For Lower Returns Or Face Irrelevance 2017/09/18
Credit FAQ: How To Spend It: Will Asia's Rebounding Coal Producers Shore Up Balance Sheets Or Ramp Up Production? 2017/09/12
Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: Vietnam 2017/09/07
India's 'Hunger Games'-Style Telecoms Battle May Eliminate The Weaker Contestants 2017/09/07
Indian Banks May Need INR1.9 Trillion Of Additional Capital By March 2019 2017/09/04
Guest Opinion: India Set To Ride Recent Reforms To Higher-Quality Growth 2017/09/01
Domestic And Heavy Industrial Sectors To Take Over India's Growth Baton 2017/09/01
Rated New Issuance Of Japanese Securitizations Was Nearly Flat In 2017 First Half; All Surveillance Actions Were Upgrades 2017/08/29
Economic Research APAC Economic Snapshots 2017/08/24
China's Crackdown On Aluminum Industry Will Benefit Select Producers 2017/08/24
Despite The Greater Policy Resolve, Deleveraging Remains Uncertain In China 2017/08/22
China's Corporates Mid-Year Outlook: The Clouds Are Clearing 2017/08/17
Industry Credit Outlook: Asia-Pacific Sector Outlook Q3 2017: Net Negative Outlook Bias Eases 2017/08/15
Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: Singapore 2017/08/04
Japanese And Korean Electronics Companies Are Catching A Lift--At Some Risk--With Carmakers 2017/07/31
Asia Pacific Corporate Ratings Component Scores 2017/07/26
Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: Korea 2017/07/24
Ratings Component Scores For The Top 50 Asia-Pacific Banks--June 2017 2017/07/21
Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: Mongolia 2017/07/19
Chinese Property Developers Face A Looming Slowdown, But Not The End Of The World 2017/07/19
Asia-Pacific Sovereign Rating Trends Midyear 2017 2017/07/17
What's Keeping The Rising Stars In China's Property Sector Shining? 2017/07/14
The Asia-Pacific Macro Story Is Flat As The 20th Anniversary Of The Crisis Arrives 2017/07/12
Credit Conditions: Asia-Pacific Credit Conditions Q3 2017: Likely To Improve If Market Sentiment Holds 2017/07/10
June 2017 Economic Research APAC Economic Snapshots 2017/07/03
Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment: Taiwan 2017/06/28
Latest Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment On Taiwan Published 2017/06/28
Has The Tide Turned For The Asia-Pacific Steel Sector? 2017/06/28
China's Oil And Gas Sector Reforms Are Unlikely To Rock The Credit Profiles Of Its National Oil Companies 2017/06/23
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